Labeling & Packaging

Handcrafted wines often require tailored services. We offer custom packaging services to fit your winery’s specifications. Our labeling team can cover a wide range of needs from wax dotting, custom neck labels and importation stickers to capsuling, standard projects, or something unique. Small and large projects alike, our services are competitively priced and can often come in at or even below the cost of doing it in-house with your own employees. Small or large format bottle woes? No problem – we hand label too. To schedule or get a quote on your next custom labeling, capsuling or waxing project, call Pedro Saldana - - at 503-852-0104, Opt. 3.

Fix-it Projects

Got a fix-it project? Let us help. We’ve seen it all from label troubles at bottling or wrong labels on the wrong wine to label redesigns. No matter the reason, we’ll get the old labels off and the new labels on. To schedule or get a quote on your next fix-it project, call Sterling Smith at 503-852-0104, Opt. 3.